hypno analysis
and hypno group analysis

remember, the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.


hypno analysis and hypno group analysis

Hypno Analysis and Hypno Group Analysis offer the opportunity to regress and relive relevant life experiences, to verbalize, decode and analyse emotional experiences, which, if they remain unconscious and unknown, can interfere and condition any area of life. It is an exceptional tool for quick and easy resolution of problems and difficulties in any domain of our life.

During the intra-uterine phase of life, the mother’s personal unresolved issues can be unconsciously projected on the foetus and later appear as psychosomatic manifestations during childhood, adolescence or adulthood. This tool is, therefore, both a therapeutic and a preventive tool, since it allows the mother to arrive ‘prepared’ for childbirth – not only in physical terms, but, also, and more importantly, on a psychological level – emotionally and relationship wise. In this sense, this is a tool that prepares the couple – the mother and the father – not only for childbirth, but, also for parenthood in a broad sense, since it protects and supports the future parents in this complex experience.

fields of implementation

Infertility/Psychological infertility
Premature birth
Spontaneous abortion

Development in adolescence
Surgery (fear of anaesthesia, fear of physical pain, Psycho-physical post-surgery recovery)