the stories of our life

We are all unreliable narrators of our own lives, but our stories are not deliberately misleading. Generally, we believe that what we think or say is true, at least from our own current point of view. This obviously influences what we emphasize or minimize, what we put in or leave out, what we want to believe or not believe and what we want others to believe or not believe. We tell ourselves stories all the time – they are explanations we give ourselves of anything, any experience, opinion or belief. These stories help us give sense to our lives, but what happens when our stories are misleading or when they are not faithful to the experiences objectively lived, or incomplete or simply wrong? And what to say about the stories we tell ourselves at the deepest levels of our mind, stories that never even reach our awareness, but that form the image we have of ourselves and condition our action in every aspect of our life? They keep us stuck, imprisoned, unable to progress as we would like.

We think that it is the circumstances that shape our stories, but the truth is that it is how we recount our life that shapes our existence. This means that, yes, the stories we tell are powerful and that they can be dangerous and mess up our lives, but also that if we change our narrative, we can change our life!

Our stories unfold around our mental models, generally built in early childhood, when not actually in the intrauterine phase of our life, and which have almost exclusive control over our usual behavior. Consider, however, that almost all of our behavior is habitual!!!

Today we talk a lot about knowing ourselves, but part of this knowing ourselves is “unknowing”, it is letting go of the stories we have been telling ourselves, so we can live your life and not the stories about our life we have been telling.

Each of us can only write their own story, and all we need is an appropriate tool. My job is not to decide for others, but I can help them understand what they really want and give the necessary tools.

This is why I propose to begin together the narration of your past and future life  with stories that are no longer diminishing and painful that inhibit your progress and your evolution, but stories that help us to be what we were born to be.

Since our stories always take place in the world in which we live, therefore, always in relationship with others, we will discover and tell our new stories in a group, together with others, together with the world we are part of and that is part of us.

The meetings will be weekly and lasting two hours, to be held from 18.00 to 20.00 in Rome, Piazza Lotario 8, right staircase, 3rd floor, at the Crea studio.

The monthly cost is 200 Euros.

To join write to:

We will start as soon as we have reached an appropriate number of adhesions.